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owen smith April 16, 2006 23:41

hydro turbine 100 kw
i have 30 metre wide river with approx 300-500mm deep of water at its lowest point summer time,but with almost no head .my question is would i be able to harness enough water to run a 100 kilowatt alternator or turbine. thanks for all your input.tum

Kasyap April 17, 2006 04:45

Re: hydro turbine 100 kw
Dear Smith,

For this particular application u can look for low head turbines like Kaplan turbine, bulb turbine etc(axial flow machines).But the discharge for those will be high.If u know the average velocity of river u can find whether it is possible to generate 100kw.u need to know the head even though it is so small,to calculate poer available

owen smith April 22, 2006 21:51

Re: hydro turbine 100 kw
the head would be aproxamatly 1-1.5m with a river valocity of around 1metre a second i do not wish to use batterys thanks

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