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Klashincovisky February 1, 2013 13:27

" SLOR " iterative method
greetings sirs,
Can anyone help me with this ?

I trying to solve an external flow problem using " SLOR " iterative method ( Successive Line Over Relaxation ).
I'm modeling the incompressible flow around a square over a structured 2-D Cartesian grid using the following two equations:

1- Vorticity Transport Eqn. ( or rather known as Non-Dimensional Stream-Vorticity Form of Navier-Stokes Eqn. ).

2- Stream-Vorticity Eqn. ( Poisson's Eqn. )

I need to know all about the " SLOR " Method and how to implement it.

I would be glad to know how to represent the discrete operator of each equation in matrix form, how to get the coefficient matrix, decomposition of it and how to use the decomposed matrix to iterate for every horizontal line of grid nodes.

Any notes about how to actually implement these steps using C++ programming will be most appreciated.

Kareem Ibrahim
Mechanical Engineering Student - Senior
Mech. Eng. Dept. - Faculty of Engineering - Alexandria University, Egypt

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