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Steve Collie August 4, 1999 22:28

Any sail design /CFD conferences?
Hi there,

Does anybody know of any conferences (anywhere) that involve sail/yacht design and CFD.

Cheers, Steve

Greg Buley August 6, 1999 13:17

Re: Any sail design /CFD conferences?
The Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium tends to have a few papers on these topics. To order proceedings contact:

Mr Joseph Salsich

6 Murray Ave

Annapolis, MD 21401 USA


They used to have a website but it has been down for awhile. Perhaps he can email you a listing of papers presented in the past. There is also a european symposium which I think is called HISWA which might also have a few papers on topic. A few years back there was a symposium on the west coast of the USA called "The Ancient Interface" which was a joint SNAME/AIAA symposium on sailing. I saw a few of the proceedings and I think they might have had some early papers on the use of panel methods for sail design but I might have seen those elsewhere. Finally, I believe that there have been a few in Australia but I dont have any info on those. If you are able to dig up any contacts for the vague infomation above, I would be greatly interested in hearing about these or any other sources you come up with.



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