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abdul aziz jaafar August 5, 1999 06:26

inlet boundary condition
Dear respectful friend

I am a beginner in CFD, working on rotating flow. I have got problem of specifying the inlet boundary condition.

In experimental rig that I have examined. The air enter inter into the system through nozzle, and the inlet has the tangential, radial and axial components.

I am solving axisymmetric flow using an orthogonal grid arrangement. The mass is obtained directly from measurement, and is used to spesify the velocity components at the inlet. I should mentioned here that the air coming with high tangential velocity.

For computations, I need to include the mass flux for corresponding pressure correction equation / I referred here as the countinuity equation.

I am very grateful if any of you can advice how to calculate the correct mass flux for the inlet

Thank you

Abdul Aziz Jaafar

abdul aziz jaafar August 5, 1999 16:56

Re: inlet boundary condition
Dear all

It seem that I havent got any response for this simple question. Anyway thank you. I just want to mention that I to implement the inlet condition is quite tricky and it is not simple as it thought. It is included my understanding on how solution prosedure take place.

Abdul Aziz Jaafar

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