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W. Miah August 5, 1999 08:36

Basic CFD Book
Can someone please recommend me a basic book on CFD? I have just completed a basic course in Fluid Dynamics and I am keen to learn about CFD.

Many Thanks.

max August 5, 1999 09:39

Re: Basic CFD Book

Have a look to "Joel H. Ferziger, Milovan Peric', Computational Methods for Fluid Dynamics, 1997, 2nd ed., Springer (ISBN 3-540-59434-5)"

Giving a good overview with some depth. (364 pages).


Abdul Hafid Elfaghi August 5, 1999 11:34

Re: Basic CFD Book
Hi Miah, W.

welcome to CFD group

you better start with "Computational Fluid Dynamics" The Basics With Applications, By Anderson, Jhon D, 1995 McGraw-Hill,Inc. ISBN 0-07-001685-2

This book is for beginners, it gives the fundamentals and the applications of CFD.

clifford bradford August 6, 1999 00:44

Re: Basic CFD Book
abdul mistyped the author's name it's John D. Anderson (just so you don't have any problems) it's an excellent book and it'll teach you a lot about fluid mechanics as well. i don't know what your course was like but if it was the typical mechanical engineering first course then you probably don't have enough fluid mechanics to appreciate it fully. Anderson's "Introduction to Aerodynamics" is a good accompaniment to the cfd book

Demselles Hollowajiawoak August 18, 1999 18:12

Re: Basic CFD Book
Patankar's 1980 is helpful

Valdemir G.Ferreira August 27, 1999 16:06

Re: Basic CFD Book
The book of the Fletcher is very good.

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