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meangreen February 12, 2013 16:02

Expected diff in symmetric and 2d planar
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if someone can tell me how different the results would be for a simulation performed in full 2d planar vs. a half plane with symmetric b.c. To be more specific, lets assume a jet expanding in a full 2d planar simulation where the pipe (duct) is modeled at the center of the domain vs a simulation with a symmetric b.c. where 1/2 of the domain is simulated (down the center of the pipe/duct).

I am assuming the simulations should predict very similar results, however a friend disagrees. Does anyone have an idea of how different these simulation results will be? The jet can not cross the symmetry boundary, does this make a large effect in the results? Please, detailed responses would be great! I am assuming that in theory the results should be the same, but in practice what should be expected? Does the method of formulating(coding?) the symmetry boundary make a difference?


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