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Ben April 28, 2006 06:53

CFX's death warrant is signed

Bill April 28, 2006 09:21

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Looks like the fluent solver and poor meshing via Gambit days are numbered!!

Ben April 28, 2006 09:43

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Oh you CFX users so blindly optimistic, of course ansys are going to pay $600 odd million then decide to continue developing the code they paid $20 million for. I agree on the gambit front but the CFX solver terrible in transient and uses 4 times the memory of any other solver

A.S. April 28, 2006 11:59

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed

I still rate Fluent as Number One, though for compressible flow it needs improvement.

Agree, ICEM-HEXA is far better than Gambit, but Gambit is still the best hybrid mesher I have used.


Steve April 28, 2006 13:49

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
You have to look into the recent history of the MathWorks' "buying" of Matrixx to see what's going to happen next.

Big player A buys competitor B and then kills it dead. Government smells a rat and pursues Big player A. Lawyers get richer. Users still only have the choice of A or nothing.

Ben April 28, 2006 13:53

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
I think the comparison is incomparable, the idea of ansys spending that much money on the largest most widely used code on the planet and killing it off is laughable. It would be like apple buying microsoft then killing windows!

Harish April 28, 2006 14:10

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Unfortunately its the corporate world which decided what to let live even in the world of physics.

diaw April 28, 2006 21:22

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
In the meantime, opensource code is becoming usable & useful... The corporate games, mergers & buy-ups occur towards the end of poduct lifecycles... Fluent, CFX etc are old technology... :)

CFD Student April 30, 2006 03:19

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
I am completely agree with you, Ben.

Stuart May 2, 2006 13:27

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Interesting comparison, however it could be argued that Apple was by far the better code and that Microsoft just had better sales people.

Now you get microsoft, with the poorer operating system buying all the other software companies, amalgamating them into their code because they were unable to write something half decent themselves !!!

Stephen May 8, 2006 13:58

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Fluent is a powerful code and has pros and cons, CFX as well. I have used Fluent for over 6 years. I have access to CFX, but the group I work in deemed Fluent much more superior for the applications we use, so I don't have much experience with CFX. The only thing is will ANSYS use the CFX or FLUENT GUI for there new product or something totally new? That's up to them, but I can only be hopeful that lessons are learned and software is improved to have the most robust CFD software package ever. That means Fluent users and CFX users have to communicate with each other and their field reps to help make whatever this new CFD software will be a better product.

Stuart May 9, 2006 03:23

Re: CFX's death warrant is signed
Exactly what I would hope to see. When CFX was fist purchsed, the Patran front end was the first thing to go - especially given the conflicts that presented with ICEM. It would be good to see all the great points of each code to be taken and brought together, and all the bad areas re-written or redeveloped ! Or am I dreaming ?

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