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alame005 February 14, 2013 16:52

VOF: Trouble in interface reconstruction
Hi everyone,
I'm currently writing a code using VOF. At this point I'm just interested in the interface reconstruction.
I was able to work on the method presented by Zaleski and got a working kinematic problem. Where I specify an initial volume fraction and I advect it around purely kinematically. My reference was "Volume-of-Fluid Interface Tracking with Smoothed Surface Stress Methods for Three-Dimensional Flows" by Gueyffier et al.

I recently read a paper by Weymouth and Yue "Conservative Volume-of-Fluid method for free-surface simulations on Cartesian-grids" and they report that with their method they don't have to worry about trial interfaces and inverting to get local volume fraction.

Has anyone come across it? And if so I'd like your input on how would that reconstruction process works. I can't seem to link how he find the surface normals and implements them into his advection method let alone find the intercept alpha.

Thank you for your time!

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