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ibluesun February 14, 2013 23:47

Fantastic Mesh (Master Degree Software)
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Hello :)

Continuing from the last thread I've opened before

I am happy to show you my progress in the program so far

I uploaded a video for the program in you tube

the video shows how to model a cylinder with two manifolds (I think so)
also the ability to export the model mesh into ParaView VTK legacy format

my work later should export to my prophesier specific solver program

I hope you like it .. and to give me your feed back

somehow .. I feel that I am re-inventing the wheel :) however I am having fun :)

Thank you

lakeat February 15, 2013 10:40

Very impressive! Thanks

But I think C# is not cross-platform, why don't you start with qt instead, qvtk can work well too. And also, two features I am not sure, are you going to develop them or not.

1) Mesh smoothing and enhancement
2) grid clustering (that is the boundary layer mesh capability)

3) Are you planning to open it or you want to keep it in-house? If you are willing to release it to the public, how modularized it is? I mean is it easy for the other developers to join in? :D


ibluesun February 15, 2013 17:17

C# is a cross platform

the mono project is indeed very powerful amongst other operating systems

Linux, ios, Android

I use openGL through OpenTK which is available in mono also

however to make the program interface you will need different package in each platform

Linux you have to use gtk# and other OSes needs their corresponding package

(I use WPF in this project although I could have been used gtk but .. you don't control things at first)

and for god sake I want to target windows 8 RT :D apps (and this one should be DirectX 11)

Qt can be only used for C++ .. QtVtk I suppose it is related to VTK and so it should be also for C++ (as I remember Qt didn't implement iso C++ 11 yet)

actually I was testing my export code through writing vtk file that can be read by ParaView (my only way for testing now)

1) Mesh smoothing (first time I hear about it :()
2) Grid Clustering (No Information also :p)
3) I don't have a specific plan for the software until I obtain my master degree
but I believe it is well modularized .. I consider myself a good programmer since I was developing from 8 bit processor era :D till now

(the code is fully Object Oriented)
so yes it should be easy for other developers to join if circumstances needed to.

but frankly I don't know what the future should carry to me

I have many questions floating in my head .. as I didn't make a true CFD analysis till now .. I didn't even touch the commercial code up there .. I don't know my standing nor where to go .. (only I have to complete it into a reasonable state to earn the master )

unfortunately I have a vague vision about all this (But I've accepted this challenge :rolleyes: and I must go with it )

Thank you very much for your feed back :)

lakeat February 15, 2013 17:29

Haha, I am working with external flow, there is a huge community in aerospace and in auto industry. I think you have done a brilliant job, and from my perspective,

1) You can extend it more to the external flow CFD with mesh enhancement available;
2) More export options (say OpenFOAM, after you have done the 1st, and then you write a FOAM mesh writer, a little bit tricky though, you would immediately have thousands of followers)
3) Release it under GNU would even make it beat Gmsh someday.

It would gain more popularity. Sorry about the confusion of C#, what I was trying to say is that since lots of user community in CFD is using *nix system, building it under *nix would be a better idea IMHO.

In a word, think about what user base you are aiming at.


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