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Andreas Wick August 5, 1999 10:03

pulsating arteries, FLUENT

I'm just about to start an investigation of pulsating arteries by means of CFD tools.

I wonder if it is possible to do it with FLUENT. I'd like to apply the Arbitrary-Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) formulation of the conservation laws.

Has anyone experience with this?

John C. Chien August 5, 1999 12:36

Re: pulsating arteries, FLUENT
(1).If you are not sure whether the code can do what you would like to do, then the code can not be called as a tool. (2). For a CFD code to become a tool,you need to show that the code can produce something first. (3). So, the first thing to do is the so-called "feasibility study" to find out whether what you want to do can be achieved by using this code. Even if someone else has done it, does not mean that you will be able to do it also. (4). You need to find out how to connect the pulsating arteries to this code first. Is there an option in the code which can do this for you?

clifford bradford August 6, 1999 00:24

Re: pulsating arteries, FLUENT
some fellas at the university of miami's biomedical dept have modelled artificial heart valves (or something similar i don't quite remember now) anyhow as i recall they used either FLUENT or FIDAP you can contact Dr Ned C Hwang there who may be able to give you some info on what they used and what formulations/assumptions they used.good luck

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