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aryan February 18, 2013 08:42

Convergency y component velocity
I have written a 2D Co-located SIMPLE code. I have studied several basic problems (Fluid flow in a wall-bounded enclosure) in order to be sure of the correct performance of the implemented boundary conditions.
First case is a cavity whose walls all are stationary. The fluid has an initial velocity. The code works very well for this case: The velocity components and the pressure residuals decrease without any failure even to the extent of 1e-15.
The second case is similar to the former but we have a body force (gravity for instance) in the x direction. The steady state solution is obtained very well. The velocities reach to the virtually zero and the static pressure profile is resulted.
The third case is the former one except the change of the body force toward the y direction. In this case pressure field is obtained almost correct but the residual of velocity component in the y direction doesn't decrease below almost 1e-4. I have this problem also with the cavity lid driven and again for the y-component of velocity.
I would be grateful if anyone could help me.

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