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Yang May 2, 2006 11:58

Matrix solver
I am working on a 2-d and 3-d cfd code and use an iteration method to get solutions. Now, I like to solve the problems using a matrix solver. If any body have a free matrix solver or have information of free matrix solver, please contact me.

al May 2, 2006 14:31

Re: Matrix solver
The properties of your systems will determine the solver that you need. For general problems:

Yang May 2, 2006 22:24

Re: Matrix solver
Thank you very much, al. In fact, I am looking for a matrix solver written in FORTRAN. Any way, thank you for your quick response.

Alexey May 3, 2006 07:54

Re: Matrix solver
Try f77 SPARSKIT package by J.Saad. I successfully use it.


Yang May 3, 2006 15:08

Re: Matrix solver
Thanks Alexey. I found the website you suggested is interesting. It may take me a wihle to read the documents. I will go back to you if I need some thing more in detail.

zonexo May 13, 2006 22:20

Re: Matrix solver
ya, i just tried it too. u can also try another similar package called NSPCG.

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