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ztdep May 4, 2006 13:02

forum about the "MD"

Does sombody know a good forum or some references about the Molecular Simulation in the fluid and heat transfer aera! regards

rt May 4, 2006 13:52

Re: forum about the "MD"
I read the following book and find it good as starting point in field of MDS, it contains several source code related to each application and in more than half of book author discuss on computer implementation (simple to advance techniques such as parallel implementation).

The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation - 2nd edn Due to: D. C. Rapaport (Cambridge University Press, 2004).

Good Luck.

ztdep May 4, 2006 23:00

Re: forum about the "MD"
Thank you very much!

ztdep May 8, 2006 06:23

Re: forum about the "MD"

Do you know where can i download a free fortran MD precudre !


rt May 8, 2006 09:23

Re: forum about the "MD"
Sorry, but why FORTRAN.

If you are not familiar with C, don't worry, the C language is easy to understand. I think with only spending 1-day, you can learn C so it answers to your need for scientific computation.

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