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Apurva Shukla August 5, 1999 19:04

Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation

I am looking for experimental test cases for validation of code for turbomachinery, especially if pitch is different for rotor and ststor.

clifford bradford August 6, 1999 00:04

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation
you can try the von karman institute (vki) or look in one of their lecture series books on cfd, turbomachinery, turbomachinery cfd etc. also some of the engieering societies (asme,aiaa etc) often have detailed experimental info provided for cfd test cases. good luck.

Jonas Larsson August 6, 1999 01:48

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation
The ERCOFTAC Turbomachinery Special Interest Group has a database of 10 different turbomachinery test-cases. You have to register to become a memeber in order to get access to it. You can contact Stéphane Aubert ( at ECL for further info.

Every year they also have a small workshop in the French alps where people meet and compare results - I've been there twice and it is a very good workshop with almost a "family" atmosphere. If you do serious computations of one of these cases you should definitely go there - the participants have many years of experience from different CFD predictions of these difficult cases.

John C. Chien August 8, 1999 17:05

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation
(1). ASME Journal of Turbomachinery is probably a good place to look for test data used by some authors of CFD papers. (2). At least in this way, you also get a chance to compare your results with other CFD results in addition to the test data.

Anil Lal S. August 11, 1999 11:19

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation

Dear Sukla,

My name is Anil Lal. I am doing P.hD at IIT-Madras. I am working in turbomachinery area.

You may refer to the following paper. This paper gives the results of a model turbine tested on a Large Scale Rotating Rig of United Technologies Research Centre. This turbine has 22 stator vanes and 28 rotor blades. The stator pitch and rotor pitches at mid-span are 0.195m and 0.1546 m respectively.

Dring, R.P.,Joslyn, H.D.,Hardin, L.W.,Wagner, J.S., (1982), "Turbine Rotor-Stator Interaction", ASME J. of Engg. for Power, Vol. 104, No. 3, pp.729-742.

Kindly let me know the problem in which you are working. It appears you are having some data with equal pitches for stator and rotor. If so you may please send me the details of that, especially if you are having the profile data (Coodinates ) of stator and rotor. Looking forward to hear from you.

Yours faithfully,

Anil Lal S.

Apurva Shukla August 12, 1999 02:53

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation

Mr. Larsson I tried to goto the site you suggested, but I was unable to connect to the site, the error message was that there is no such IP address, even the e-mail I send has bounced back. If you had worked in this field, then please suggest some simple cases to start with.

Thanking You


Jonas Larsson August 12, 1999 06:57

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation
I haven't got any problems to reach that URL. The IP address resolves to

If you still have problems you can try to go to:

Good luck!

Apurva Shukla August 12, 1999 13:10

Re: Test Cases for Turbomachine Code Validation

I am working for general Turbomachine Flow Solver in 3-D, in r-theta-z coordinate system. I do not have a coordinate data at present. For same pitch there is a paper, "Euler Analysis of Transonic rotor stator interaction..." by IN_MO KANG and KEUN-SHIK CHANG in International Journal for Numerical methods in Fluid Dynamics(1991) Vol.12,pp625-636. Also there is a AGARD Report titled, "Test cases for computation of internal flows in Aero Engine Component". You can try it. If you have any test reports please do inform me. Please try if your institute has some of Von Karman's report

Good Luck


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