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MARIO276 February 25, 2013 18:01

thermal condition for combustor wall
problem description:

I have done simulation for combustor but when i see temperature for inter surface is 750 K, and the outer surface is 875 K what's the reason ?
I think because I set the heat transfer coefficient zero is that right ?

please help me

michujo February 25, 2013 18:33

Hi, Mario.
I am not sure I understood your problem. Are you performing conjugate heat transfer (computing both the fluid and solid parts)? If so, and given that you set an adiabatic condition at the outer wall then I think that your results do not make much sense. I'd expect to have the same temperature at both the inner and outer wall sides (given that the outer wall is adiabatic).
If that's not the case it still does not make sense to me, as that situation would indicate that you've got a fluid outside your combustor, which is actually hotter than the burnt gases...
I guess I misunderstood it. Can you please explain it a bit further? Maybe throw in a picture?


MARIO276 February 25, 2013 19:12

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I performed conjugate heat transfer.
in adiabatic the inter surface temp. of wall was 1228 k
in an adiabatic case, I assumed the combustor is in closed room and the outer condition temp. was 300 k

Have i to compute heat transfer coefficient ? and how ?

thank's a lot Mr. michujo.

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