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GH_1985 February 26, 2013 12:41

1D Wave Software Demo for Inlet Manifold CFD Analysis
Hi there,

I'm currently modelling an inlet manifold in Solidworks Flow Simulation. I have carried out a steady state simulation (to compare with a physical bench flow test).

I'm now looking to complete a transient flow analysis. I'm looking for some demo software that can be used to generate the parameters to load in to Solidworks Flow Simulation. Can anyone suggest any free/demo software please?

I also have another question... I have been trying to teach myself how to do the transient flow analysis. I am looking for a way to block off the three cylinders (when the other 4th cylinder is effectively open). However this needs to be time dependent, so that the other three cylinders being blocked off changes as the open cylinder changes. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to any responses,


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