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michael_owen February 26, 2013 13:19

Radiation modeling
Greetings. I have a project that involves modeling a Waelz process kiln. In brief, a bed of feed material moves it's way down the kiln releasing zinc vapor and CO. Both oxidize in a counter-flowing draft air stream to form CO2 and zinc oxide dust. Temperatures range from approximately 300 K at the draft air inlet up to the south side of 2000 K. For now the ZnO dust is being left as a component ideal gas in the reacting mixture, although later we will be moving to a multiphase reaction and modeling it as a dispersed particulate. The local mass fractions of Zn, CO, ZnO, and CO2 can be quite high (~50%, 40%, 20%, and 20% max). The feed material comes in with some moisture content, but dries quickly near the draft air outlet, such that the only moisture in most of the flow comes in with the draft air.

I am hoping that someone with more experience modeling high temperature flows, e.g. combustion, can provide some guidance on selecting an appropriate radiation modeling approach and absorption and scattering information. The relevant band is about 1 to 10 micrometers.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

ghorrocks February 26, 2013 17:53

CFX has some radiation models suitable for situations where the rays do not penetrate very far. I suspect that will be the case here with such high loads of solid particles. Are you using CFX? Have you looked at the radiation models available with CFX?

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