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novice May 8, 2006 19:30

computational domain & boundary condition
Dear all,

I have simulated a turbulent flame in a furnace and have obtained all the flow properties of interest. The height of the furnace is 1 meter and its diameter is 0.15 m. Instead of simulating the full domain of furnace, I used the computational domain only until axial position of 0.6 m, so I had 0.6 m x 0.15 m domain and I could reduce the computational time (this is just a trial and tentative). I used outflow boundary condition at h=0.6 m.

After comparing the computation & experiment result, I had a flame height (flame length) around 0.4 m, slightly lower than the experimental flame which is 0.47 m high.

Could the discrepancy be attributed to the 'cutting' of furnace height or could it be due to inappropriate outflow boundary condition, or both?

Thanks for the help,


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