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okumania February 28, 2013 06:09

2D Adiabatic Compression
I'm trying to simulate a flows in in-cylinder compression(layering and re-meshing method) using the rectangular mesh after previewing the mesh motion,i realized that the mesh after compression does not look like the mesh before compression that is the cell volume looks elongated.In a simulation like this can somebody tell me how the nature of the mesh would look like and the proper dynamic mesh parameters.

sanjeetlimbu April 23, 2015 00:48


I am trying to compress the closed volume cylinder with fluid inside as fuel mixture using piston motion. the compression time is 30ms and I am seeing the pressure/density rise, but unable to get any temperature rise.
I am using the 2D axi-symetric mesh for the cylinder compression

okumania April 23, 2015 06:23

Adiabatic Compression
Can i know your set for the problem maybe your case files before i could diagnose the problem.

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