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Anna Tian March 4, 2013 13:11

Wall damping function

What is the wall damping function? Is that just a boundary layer model to reduce the grids number near the wall? Why it's called
'damping function'?


atmcfd March 4, 2013 20:00

A wall damping function, atleast in LES/RANS, is used to reduce the turbulent viscosity near the wall region of the body. This is because, physically the turbulent viscosity is 0 at the walls, and to avoid unphysical (high) values of turb viscosity in the boundary layer region close to the wall, the damping is a mathematical function used to progressively reduce the its value to zero at the wall.

as always, you can google this. Its a very famous technique, and there's no dearth of info ;)

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