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tatu March 6, 2013 12:37

Validity of Sutherland's viscosity model for high-T gases

I'm trying to figure out the validity of Sutherland's viscosity model for high-temperature gas flows. Can anyone recommend books / articles / other material where Sutherland's model is discussed more thoroughly?

Although the gas flow I'm studying is fully turbulent, I need to compute the drag force on particles injected into this flow, and for this I need the laminar viscosity.


agd March 6, 2013 13:00

If you can get a copy of White's "Viscous Fluid Flow", he provides a table for various gases showing the temperature ranges to ensure an error of less than 2% for Sutherland's law. For air the temperature range is 300-3420 R. The reference for the data is Hilsenrath, et. al. (1955) "Tables of thermodynamic and Transport Properties", National Bureau of Standards Circular 564, reprinted by Pergamon Press, NY 1960.

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