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Freeman May 12, 2006 17:33

PLEASE, advise: what about wheels on wetted roads
Hi all!

I need your experience in resolving a question that came to me after making my final Degree Project. Is there any possibility to make a simulation about a wheel on a wetted road?

I think this simulation would involve a very fine mesh of the tyre tread of course and the presence of both air and a film of water on the road. But I cannot imagine the parameters of the simulation: while air would go around the wheel with a defined velocity, what about the film of water? In this case, I imagine the water moving with the road "wall"...

Could anybody imagine this simulation and how would you set up in a CFD program? By the way, could I calculate the volume of water rejected by the wheel? (in order to see the performance of this wheel under wetted roads)

Thanks a lot for your time and collaboration.

Regards, Freeman.

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