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kiwa21 March 7, 2013 15:49

Strategy for a projectile moving inside a tube
Hello everyone,
I am a new user of ANSYS / Fluent, and I need to model a projectile moving trough a tube for my research internship and I have no idea of how I can start..

The problem : Let the diameter of my projectile be Do, initialy it is in a tube of the same diameter Do and it's moving into another tube of diameter 2Do (with supersonic speed M=4 for example). These 2 tubes are separeted by a "magical" interface which breaks only when the projectile "shatters" it. The goal is to study the transient region at the entrance of the second tube !

I can work with the assumptions :inviscid fluid, axisymetric flow, ideal gas (non reactant mixture)

Can you give me some advice of what should I start reading / doing, which tutorial can I do, which steps I'm supposed to do, what I need to mesh etc...

I've read that I probably need to understand how to do : Dynamic Mesh, 6DOF, UDF but I can't find a lot of information on these subjects ...

I'm not asking that somebody does the job for me, at this point I only need some advice, example files or good tutorial :)

Thank you very much !

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