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Sashankh March 8, 2013 20:16

Poisson solver for irregular domain
I am trying to solve the Poisson equation in an irregular domain. Does the Fishpack solver work for irregular domains since it is based on the finite-difference method? Is it capable of handling curved boundaries?

The other question I have is - would it be more appropriate to use finite-element method to solve the Poisson equation in an irregular domain? Can you please suggest if there are any available solvers. Thanks.

andy_ March 10, 2013 07:13

Finite difference schemes can solve Poisson equations in irregular domains using both boundary conforming and non-boundary conforming schemes.

The choice of schemes (e.g. FEM, spectral, FD, LB,...) tends to follow the numerical properties that are of most importance. In CFD, Poisson equations are usually part of a set of equations and how the other equations are best solved and how their cofficients are related to those in the Poisson equation strongly influences the choice of scheme. If you want to solve a Poisson equation in isolation then FEM is a common choice.

Sashankh March 11, 2013 15:13

Hi Andy,

Thanks a lot.


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