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hui May 14, 2006 21:19

help: the source of free codes
hello, everyone:)I majored in CFD and I am just writing my first program. But for a beginner, it is not an easy job.My program didn't work out and I feel so depressed.

I think maybe I should read more programs so would you tell me where I could find free codes that I could study as examples? I am dealing with various turbulent modles. Thanks a lot.

Or do you have any suggestions for a CFD beginner? Thank you so much.

Anxious waiting for your answers:)

rt May 15, 2006 01:11

Re: help: the source of free codes
If you deal with incompressible flow use peric's codes ( or gribbel code (nast2d

hui May 15, 2006 06:45

Re: help: the source of free codes
Thank you so much!

karuna June 2, 2006 23:16

Re: help: the source of free codes
hi i am looking for a source code to modify and implement a modified turbulence model similar to k-epsilon...can you suggest me of open source codes that are easy to play with? thanks a lot in advance. the earlier one suggested in this forum seems to be for NS equations..i need it for the RANS... thanks inadvance

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