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samolet4e May 15, 2006 09:43

roe fds
Hi, Does anybody knows where 2D/3D Euler FVM with Roe FDS source code is available for downloading? Free of charge naturally. Mesh type makes no matter. I can offer 2D Euler FVM according JST scheme, Riemann invariants, 4th order R-K scheme in exchange. Prefered languages are C/C++, Fortran, but others are also acceptable. Thank you in advance!

ganesh May 16, 2006 10:04

Re: roe fds
Dear Samolet4e,

If you do have a 2D Euler code with JST scheme, I am sure it is an easy and straightforward task to implement Roe FDS. Roe FDS is a very popular flux scheme and its details are most easily available. As far as the 3D extension is concerned, it is not ver difficult, though it takes time and is non--trivial.



samolet4e May 23, 2006 08:26

Re: Re: roe fds
It is not very easy to code dissipation, because of flux vector projection along wall normal vector. I would like to see "initially Cartesian" Roe dissipation implemented in contravariant metrics. According that I suggest that internal energy, enthalpy and sound velocity have to be computed as functions of "horizontal" and "vertical" velocity components respectively. Otherwise corresponding element (2nd or 3th) in Roe dissipation vector will not match with the relevant flux difference. However this situation becames too complicated. I need help. Thank you in advance!

samolet4e May 23, 2006 08:36

rE: rE: roe fds
Meanwhile, is there a need of wall normal vector variation watching procedure? Hmmm, preliminary tensor transformation in contravariant metrics should do the trick. In computational space normal vector does not change its position. I think there were papers about that... What is your oppinion?

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