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peter.pan March 12, 2013 11:00

models for entire atmosphere

I am involved in a project which entails simulation of an air vortex ring through the atmosphere. Till now I have been using a code referenced to us by the University of Michigan known as the GITM (Global Ionosphere Thermosphere Model), which is primarily an upper atmospheric model. We tried to extend the code to the lower atmosphere but we are finding it extremely difficult and time consuming to do. Hence I wanted to know if there are any full atmosphere codes available which can simulate most of the important/relevant conditions and give comparable results,

The thing is, an abstract we submitted for an AIAA conference in San Diego, US got accepted. And the papers are due by June 4th. I was hoping to have some simulations run before the same so that I can present some of my work in the conference.

Hence I am looking forward to any of your suggestions on the availability of a full atmosphere code that can be referenced. Any suggestion would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Peetak Mitra
Senior Yr. UG student,
BIT Mesra,

bigorneault March 13, 2013 06:33

NWP models are complex, difficult to use and the results are not obvious to interpret. You are clearly not familiar with the atmospheric sciences, so it would be very surprising if you get anything serious in time for your conference.

You will have more chance of success if you contact your national meteorological service to seek their advice.

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