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zonexo May 16, 2006 21:37

2d CGNS grid for use with ensight

i've generated a 2d structured c-grid airfoil with solution (velocity,pressure) using CGNS. reading with tecplot is ok. however, when i tried to use with ensight, there are some problems.

1. my grid is 157x39. under the import option, it was shown that my grid is 156x39x156. if i load everything, the c-grid will be shown, but with lots of diagonal lines.

2. if i load it as 156x39x1, the grid will be shown correctly

3. however, in both cases, the velocity and pressure are all zero, although their values have been entered.

the fix is to create a 3d grid with the k dimension = 1 ie grid of 156x39x2. the pressure and velocity will be shown correctly too.

but is this problem due to ensight or cgns or error on my part? creating a 3d grid will waste space and i'll also need to do additional conversion.

Hope someone can help. thanks

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