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joseph de guia August 8, 1999 11:35

fluid flow
Iam a senior Chemical Engineering student taking Transport Processes. I would like to ask some literature regarding fluid flow phenomena, i'll be discussing coutte flow,potential flow, and the coriolis force. I have researched the subject but some books gave only brief discussions.Anybody who could help me just to define the following subjects and give some reference to find. hank you very much!

John C. Chien August 8, 1999 16:41

Re: fluid flow
(1). Since you were unable to find useful books in the library and you are a student at a school, don't you think that the main purpose of going to a school is to be able to ask questions and have discussions with your teachers? (2). I would suggest that you try out the living human being first. Only living human being can find out why you are having some difficulties in understanding the course subjects. (3). It is very expensive to go to a school, so, don't give up your right to ask questions. About the books, those subjects you mentioned are covered in depth at graduate school. So, you may want to check out some textbooks used at the graduate school level. The Couette flow could be covered in the boundary layer theory, so, Schlichting's boundary layer theory book should be very useful. For the potential flow theory, it is normally covered in the subsonic aerodynamics, or theoretical aerodynamics books. You will find the Coriolis force term in the rotating flow systems, such as turbomachinery flows. (4). I think, in your case, a teacher is more useful than many books.(after graduation, it could be the other way around.)

Dr. Ahmad Sana August 9, 1999 03:51

Re: fluid flow
Dear Joseph In my opinion 'Viscous Fluid Flow' by F.M. White, published by McGrawHill is a good reference for the problems you mentioned. Have Fun!

joseph de guia August 9, 1999 04:16

Re: fluid flow ( Thanks )
Thanks to all that responded to my querries. specially to Mr. John C. chien and Dr. Ahmad Sana.

Patrick Godon August 9, 1999 09:57

Re: fluid flow
Hi there,

Potential Flow and Coriolis force can be found in the textbook of Pedlosky, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1987.

These two topics together with the Couette flow problem can also be found in the more advanced-level textbook of Landau and Lifshitz, Fluid Mechanics, 1987, Pergamon Press, Oxford.

If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to post them here!


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