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sirig March 15, 2013 03:38

Bad convergence 2-way Syetem Coupling
Im trying to run a 2-way System Coupling interaction between Transient structural and Fluent system of a 2D model of an hyperelastic flap (corresponding to the aortic valve) with a fluid corresponding to blood (incompressible but I have also tried compressible). I have an inlet velocity of 0,01 m/s and pressure outlet 0 gauge. I have smoothing and remeshing of the fluid mesh. Now Im trying the simplest case with a laminar solver.

System Couling can run but I get really bad convergence of the data transfer RMS in System Coupling, with or without URF of the data transfer. The time-step is 5e-5. Can anyone that have more experience in FSI and System Coupling help me out? I can send a zip-file of the setup if further details of the current setup. Thank you!


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