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Liufeng_ustb March 17, 2013 12:07

I need your suggestions about CFD
I am a senior in USTB(University of Science and Technology Beijing) from China.
My major is Metallurgy. For me, I concentrate on ironmaking process. I hope when I graduate several months later, I can reach the level as follows:
1. Simulate fixed-bed reactor(such as the blast furnace- a very very slowly moving bed)
2. Operate Fluent 12.0 skillfully.
3. Understand deeply the philosophy of CFD for my further study.

In my present study, I have read half of the book whose name is CFD the basics with applications written by Anderson. Before that, when I was a sophomore, I took a lesson named Metallurgy Transport Therom. That's all about my present condition.

Besides, limited by English level, I read English book slowly. As we all know, UGI of Fluent is written in English. Thus, it is a big trouble for me.

I want to ask you, What's your experience of studing CFD? Could you please give me some advice? Moreover, Could you please recommand some good material?

Thank you!

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