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vijesh joshi May 21, 2006 03:39

governing eq's for flow over wedge problem?????
Hello everyone. I am intersted in writing a code for "flow over a wedge at hypersonic conditions" problem to get some coding experience. I want to solve Euler (inviscid-compressible)eq's for the problem. Other than Continuity, momentum and energy eq's whether turbulent eq's have to be taken into account? Please help. Thanks in advance. Regards VVJ.

ganesh May 21, 2006 09:22

Re: governing eq's for flow over wedge problem????
Dear Vijesh,

If you are making use of Euler equations, the concept of turbulence does not arise at all. Turbulence is intimately linked with the N/S equations, so the question of turbulent equations and suitable models arise only for viscous flows, and only if Re is in the turbulent regime. There is lot of literature for these in the hypersonic regime, for your information. Anyway, if you are a beginner looking for coding experience, I suggest you start with something simpler, and in any case Euler equations and turbulence together makes no sense.

Hope this helps



diaw May 21, 2006 10:24

Re: governing eq's for flow over wedge problem????
That's what I felt, Ganesh... good points.

I would direct Vijesh to boundary-layer theory which is well established if he wants to work within the boundary layer itself - at high free-stream velocities. As you know, this analysis becomes an ODE & can lead to some very interesting analyses. It all depends on where he intends to research.

Most Euler analysis assumes inviscid flows at surfaces.

It is useful to study the full N-S at much lower speeds & try to understand the instability & turbulence mechanisms. If modeled correctly, the flow regime can be observed to split into the boundary-layer & 'Euler-like' regimes. A very interesting area indeed. Needs a strong computer. :)


Vijesh Joshi May 21, 2006 23:45

Re: governing eq's for flow over wedge problem????
Thanks Guys. I will use your suggestions for my future works. Regards VVJ

Rami May 22, 2006 01:27

Re: governing eq's for flow over wedge problem????
Just an additional note: One point that is usually overlooked in the difference between "supesonic" and "hypersonic" regimes is that in the latter chemical reactions due to the air dissociation are taking place. Unless these are modeled, your model is not hypersonic, but rather a higher Mach No. supersonic model.

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