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zhengjg March 20, 2013 22:58

mesh size requirement for NACA0015 airfoil
Dear All,
I am simulating a 2D compressible viscous laminar flow around NACA0015 airfoil (without turbulence model). The chord length of airfoil is 0.2m. The triangular mesh is used. To resolve the boundary layer near the airfoil surface, what is the grid resolution required near the airfoil surface, (i.e. the edge length of triangular element near the solid wall)? How many layers of fine grid are needed near the wall? (My simulation must be time accurate.)
I have generated a mesh with edge length of 0.1mm along the airfoil. But the solution is not converged.

Can you give me some advice?
By the way, is there any free triangular mesh for NACA airfoil on internet?

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