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Hans Grahn August 16, 1998 14:38

Network flow

I'm interested in network flow inormation, books, PC-programs and so on.

The purpose is to enable me to write a program that can solve network flow models in the ventilation area.

If you have any information, please e-mail me.

Many thanks!

Brian Shaner August 17, 1998 15:04

Re: Network flow

I am looking for a PC Win NT program that can be used to predict water through network systems. Particulary I am interested in understanding how to calculate water flow through a system that has a 1-2" diameter pipe that has 5-13 water lines streaming from this main feed. Then the flows through each line meet at the outlet pipe which can be 1-2" in diameter. I have tried using the Hardy Cross iterative process with no success. Anyone have any information?? It would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards, Brian Shaner Rehrig Pacific Company phone: 814-455-8023

andy August 17, 1998 15:22

Re: Network flow
Have a look at the Water Resources Application Software at they may well have you want. I have never explored the site but they seem to have a lot of this sort of thing. Please post back if you find the site useful or not.

Robin Bornoff August 18, 1998 02:27

Re: Network flow
MacroFlow from Innovative Research should do exactly what you want:

Brian Shaner August 18, 1998 09:48

Re: Network flow
Andy & Robin

Andy, the web address that you gave me wasn't a big help but thank you for responding.

Robin, the web address that you gave may lead me to a solution.

Thank you for the help!

Brian Shaner Rehrig Pacific Company

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