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ghlee August 11, 1999 09:05

Non-uniform inlet velocity application in Fluent
Dear Friends! I have used Fluent ver5.1, and I will calculte the centrifugal type turbomachinery. In computation, I have to apply the inlet boundary condition (non-uniform velocity condition). But I can't find the proper menu bar. Would you like to give me informations. Thank you for reading.

p.s. I had the manual of Fluent ver4.x

John C. Chien August 11, 1999 17:04

Re: Non-uniform inlet velocity application in Fluent
(1). I have not started using the new version of the code. (2). But you can get into the help menu item to find out more about the inlet boundary conditions. Most vendors have move the hardcopy user's guide into the help menu. Sometimes, to use it , you need to open the Netscape ( or the like) first. So that it can display the text there. (3). I am just guessing that, you need to prepare the non-uniform profile in certain format as an input file. And later, when you specify the inlet conditions, you can select the user-defined option and read in the inlet profile file.

Sung-Eun Kim August 11, 1999 21:32

Re: Non-uniform inlet velocity application in Fluent

"Profile" file is what you need. Please check out the on-line help (See inlet BC section or search for "profile") in FLUENT, if you don't have user's guide. Here's what you have to do.

- Write a profile file where you specify the profiles of the solution variables of your choice (the format is desribed in user's guide) - Read in the profile file into FLUENT - Go to BC panel and choose the profiles for the solution variables you want.

And you're all set. Please contact ATES and get some help if you run into dificulties.

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