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rahul garg May 26, 2006 21:36

B Spline codes
Hey Everyone, I'm working on some numerical study involving accurate estimation of fluid particle interaction force in Lagrangian-Eulerian simulations of particle laden flows. One of the schemes I'm investigating is cubic splines. I wanted to use the B Spline approach for cubic spline interpolation and was wondering if there are open sources already available. For a 1-D interpolation using B-splines, there are routines in Slatec package originally written by De. Boor but I guess that their generalization to 3-D is not trivial. Also, there are Matlab packages like Nurbs for 3-d but my code is in F90. This brings me to my question if there is any library that I can use to implement 3-d Basis splines. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rahul

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