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zonexo May 27, 2006 07:50

solving airfoil like square cylinder problem?

i had used a structured FVM NS solver to solve for flow past a square cylinder. actually, everything is solved using cartesian grid, with the square cylinder (consists of e.g. 16 cells) at the center blanked out. hence, although it's a structured solver, the problem simplifies to a cartesian problem.

The solution compare ok.

now i've generated a structured grid with edges of the quadrileterals forming an airfoil shape. hence, if like the square cylinder whereby some cells are blank out, it becomes an airfoil at the center.

can this be used to solve flow past an airfoil? i've tried and the velocity are wrong. i wonder if it's my mistake or there's some fault with this implementation.

hope someone can give some advice. thanks!

Bounecer May 27, 2006 15:16

Re: solving airfoil like square cylinder problem?
Do you have used C-grid generation, and do you have used a good stretching parameters

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