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George May 29, 2006 06:29

3D structured curvilinear grid generator
Hi everybody! I am trying to understand the 2D curvilinear grid generator of Dr. Peric (GRGEN), the one that he had posted in his site. I also have the 3D version of it, who was written by someone from Uruguay (GRGEN3D)(from the code CAFFA3D.MB). But the 3D code can generate grid of the form: x=x(x,y,z), y=y(x,y,z), z=z(z), which means that the third dimension is made of many 2D slices along the k-direction. Has anyone in mind another grid generator which can deal with 3D structured curvilinear grids and it is easy to use like Peric's code? Or has anyone the 3D version (CAFFA3D.MB) which can deal with full curvilinear grids (x=x(x,y,z), y=y(x,y,z), z=z(x,x,z)) or something like that?

Thank you in advance!

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