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Yogesh Talekar August 12, 1999 00:00

ear Friends

Can anybody help me in finding some ONLINE literature-articles-papers for FLUX-VECTOR-SPLITTING methods.

ANIL LAL S. August 12, 1999 06:05

Dear Yogesh,

You can see about FVS on the text book by Hoffman. Tiltle of the book is "Computational Fluid Dynamics for Engineers" There are two volumes (Vol. 1&2). This is published by Engineering Education system, Wichita,Kansas, USA. This gives details about Steger and Warming & Van and Leer Schemes. Another reference is of Zha and Bilgen Scheme.

Zha and Bilgen(1993), " Numerical Solution of a new flux vector splitting scheme","Int. J. numerical methods in fluids, vol.17, pp. 115-144.

I have a question to you about using Flux Vector Splitting Methods. This method is basically upwind-biased. It generates sufficient amout of diffusion into the solution to make the solution stable. You really do not have a control over the amount of numerical diffusion. Whereas the central difference technique with artificitial diffusion (Jameson, 1981) appears to have the advantage of controlling the diffusion, because second and fourth order dissipation terms are added optionally. I hope you understand what I meant. Do you have any other specific advantage in using FVS method over Jameson's method. Kindly you may express you views. Pl. mail my Email:

Thanking you

Anil Lal

X. Ye August 12, 1999 07:05

From my experience, I can say that the JST scheme produces always large numerical difussion. Especially for boundary layer, the artificial viscosity confuses strongly the physical viscosity. I use then the ELED scheme of Jameson 1994. This scheme is much better in terms of numerical diffusion.

X. Ye

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