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john v April 1, 2013 13:48

CFX vs Fluent
Hi there, i'm sure this has been asked a million times, but from the technical brochures I really don't see much difference between CFX and Fluent, any thoughts?

Also does anyone know how much these cost? is there a price difference?

Finally these guys seem to do EVERYTHING conceivable, but I did notice in the brochure that they qualify their solutions as being 'as close as possible' to second order... does that mean first order in practice? are there any higher order commercial codes out there? I guess my experience of unstructured meshes is that the solutions I have seen have always been very diffusive (this was 4 years ago) - have things improved?

Ok last question can this kind of software handle geophysical scales at all? or even flow in an estuary? anything out there for the larger scales? (my background is GFD / coastal engineering)

thanks for any info!

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