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navu April 2, 2013 07:18

Job scenario in Euorpe for cfd freshers
I am currently doing my final year aerospace engineering here in India (graduating next month). I have a work placement in my hand(Quest Global) and my plans were to work for 2 years there, then do my higher studies. But ever since I started working on my final semester project, I have developed this passion for aerodynamics/CFD which led me to search for opportunities for higher studies in the same. Within my financial budget, UK seemed to be the best choice for the subject I wanted. I had applied to univ of Southampton for the course MSc in aerodynamics and computation and i got my conditional offer 2 days back.
But I am worried about the job scenario there. Almost everywhere, I seem to be coming across reports and advice that its almost impossible to get a job in Europe once I finish my studies. That is kind of a deal-breaker for me, because the plan was to finish my studies, work for a couple of years there and gain some experience. I thought this would be the best place to ask this question. Is it really impossible to get a job in Europe as a cfd/aerodynamic engineer right after masters ? According to some of the alumni that i spoke with, that seems to be the case, at least for non-European students.
Any advice/suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks.

navu April 4, 2013 02:31

really ? nothing at all ? :\

michujo April 4, 2013 05:22

Hi, I don't think the situation is as distressing as you may have heard of. I know of several people from different nationalities that have got CFD-related jobs in Europe (some of them non-European). I'm not saying that you'll get hired right after completing your masters, but I think you will definitely have opportunities, depending on your skills and degree of specialization.

You may have a look at the Jobs section on this forum to get an idea of what the CFD job market is like now.


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