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senthil June 1, 2006 12:34

flow over sphere
hi i am trying to bench mark flow over spher problem with experimental results. The drag coefficent what i am getting with cfd is not matching with experimental. Any boby can guess. the flow field is steady, 3d, Laminar and Reynold no is 100. Thanks in advance.

kr63 January 30, 2010 12:50

you should check where the transition and separation is taking place in both casses.

DoHander January 30, 2010 14:04

On the same mesh do a turbulent simulation and check your y+ if this is larger then 1, the n you are not properly solve the boundary layer region.

You can create your mesh in order to have a y+<1 and then do again the laminar calculation - also try steady vs. unsteady. You can find here on cfd-online a good y+ estimator.


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