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sdcpune April 5, 2013 18:33

Simple case - Thermal Solver
This is a curriculum submission project;

Liquid is filled inside a vessel and it is kept inside a refrigerator (freezer). So it is cooled all around on the walls of the container.
I have mesh ready. This is a 3D mesh.

If you could refer me to a open source heat transfer solver to solve this simple case.

Thanks a lot in advance and also for your time.

sdcpune May 24, 2013 01:15

Can someone help please
Can someone help please on this basic topic. Thanks.

julien.decharentenay May 26, 2013 21:46


You described the case you are trying to simulate, but did not explain a lot more. This is making it difficult to answer your query.

For example, do you want the transient or steady-state solution? Are you looking at solidification of the liquid? Do you want to account for radiative heat transfer?


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