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Retro April 9, 2013 02:43

Inlet Intake Design
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Need to design a 2D mach 2 inlet for small hobby based model rocketry project. Based on ole Estes "Lil' Augie" ducted rocket. I want to take the design to new level. First going high power M2 capable and second adding and actual inlet and intake with shocks on lip to reduce Mach air stream to subsonic in a diffuser to compress the air. Goal is to get a a couple seconds of augmented burn going in the mixing tube.

Any hobby based CFD software out there capable of providing some inlet flow sim?

Anyone interested in teaming up on a project like this?

Attached a few pics of my early attempts now I want to do a sexier single 2D inlet design further down on the airframe and much shorter intake. With rocket motor located near CG inside the tube.

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