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Saturn June 8, 2006 03:26

Wind turbine simulation
Hi folks,

I have a problem about the rotating simulation of wind turbine.

I usually use the RFR or MFR to simulate rotating of fan, but in the wind turbine case the wind flow work is done on the blades to make the blades rotating.

In the RFR or MFR case, the rotating rate is applied to simulate the rotating of the blades.In the wind turbine case, I only have the data of wind flow at 6 m/s.

How do I simulate the wind flow work is done on the blades and then blades rotating?


san June 12, 2006 03:57

Re: Wind turbine simulation

Go to google and search for "WIND TURBINE" you will get many websites.

Few companies have posted the working range turines ( at sspecified conditions), manufactured by them. I hope this will help you.

also you will find few papers on this subject in pdf format.

I was looking wind turbine geometry from many days. can you share the details of geometry.

This will be very help full to me.

my email-id is

with regards san

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