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Anil Marathe August 17, 1998 03:29

k-e model
I am working on N-S codes using Baldwin-Lomax turbulence model for last five years. I would like to try my codes with k-epsilon models. Can any CFD member help me by giving more details of k-e model, preferably FORTRAN source code. Otherwise, I have to write the code, debug and validate, which take time, which I feel unnecessary. Regards A.G.Marathe IIT Mumbai India

John C. Chien August 20, 1998 12:21

Re: k-e model
First of all, you can find these two equations in any CFD related journal papers. Whether it is 2-D form, 3-D form, Cartesian coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, incompressible, compressible form. That is the starting point. Then you need to know what Navier-Stokes equations you are trying to solve. Whether it is steady state, or un-steady state, compressible of incompressible. Then you need to decide what numerical method you are going to use. This will determine how the two-equation model will be solved. As you see, the method of solving the two-equation model depends on the problem formulation. The programming is straightforward, but the source terms in the two-equation model can create some convergence problem for you ,if you are not carful.

Vijay Thaker August 21, 1998 05:11

Re: k-e model
Why don't u look at this software called PHOENICS by CHAM Pte. Lmtd. They use a k-e model for their soultion. I'm currently using their PHOENICS1.5EO in my final year project. I'm currently pursuing an aeronautical degree from University Technology of Malaysia

John C. Chien August 21, 1998 09:50

Re: k-e model
There is a TEACH program,with source code available,using staggered grid approach. This maye a good approach to learn what other people are doing. In general, this is a high Reynolds number model with special wall function treatment. The algebraic model normally solve the flow field all the way to the wall. You also need to worry about the single grid vs staggered grid issue,

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