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HA11 April 12, 2013 19:59

Looking for simple Aeronautical CFD project!!!

I'm kind of new in CFD area, although; I passed some courses like fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, numerical methods and recently CFD.
Now, I started to work with Ansys(Fluent) practically.
I have to do a project for my final evaluation of CFD course and rather to do it in a way that can be published or presented in conference.
I need some help to start and choosing a topic. I prefer the subject related to aeronautical field and also combustion, but it could be from other fields as well.

My problem is:
First, the project that I'm looking for shouldn't be so huge and complicated, because I'm not pro and don't have that much time.
Second, I'm not sure which way is better to work on, Fluent UDF or other open source codes as a beginner?:confused:

thanks in advance,

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