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stefanbj April 14, 2013 17:13

CFD for a turbine blade (literature)
Hi all.

I intend to do 2D N-S for a 2D turbine blade.

I am looking for some literature on the results of CFD for a flow over a 2D turbine blade. Perhaps also, review of the theory of operation and critical variables for the blade.

Also, do you know where I can get the grid points for the geometry of a 2D turbine blade?

I am going to do everything in Fortran

jola April 14, 2013 17:31

You can get an overview of some important things to consider here:

One classical open LP turbine blade geometry is the T106. I Googled it quickly and found this site at Whittle lab where you can download the geometry from:

If you want HP type of blades there are several that were tested at VKI which I also think are open. You'll have to Google for these yourself. They were called something like MUR XXX, where XXX is a number, if my memory serves me well today.

Good luck.

stefanbj April 14, 2013 18:55

Thank you for this information.

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