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sunilpatil April 16, 2013 05:30

Mesh element size
Hello sir,
In my analysis flow between two parallel plates(one plate is heated and another one is cooled) i am interested to know what is the temperature at middle of these two plates .and volume avg temperature.but in this case wall temperatures and near wall temperature are not so impotent for me. my question is it required to specify element size to capture boundary layer(i am not interested to know temperature values at boundary layer) there any change in solution (with and without considering of temperature).

Thank you sir
Sunil Patil

ztdep April 16, 2013 20:41

Dear friends:
I need to know the flow is fully developed or not.
if it is fully developed, the velocity distribution has a parabolic profile, and the temperature distribution can be obtained by solve the energy equation in an analytical way.

if it is not fully developed, the NS equation is solved first to obtained the velocity field, then the energy equation is solved to obtain the termperature field.

if the buoyance effect need to be taken into account, the NS and energy equation should be solved simutaneously.

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