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Pradeep Gnanaprakasam June 16, 2006 13:34

Modeling die coating
I am concerned with designing the die lip for a die coating process. I have to study a existing design and see if it is ok and if not I have to think about redesigning it. What kind of tools/books/softwares would help me to do this. Will a software like Floworks help me in any way?

Thanks -Pradeep

Ben June 16, 2006 15:02

Re: Modeling die coating
I know a couple of the codes (STAR-CD and CFX as far as I can recall) were looking at coating processes I doubt FloWorks will do want you want, what are you coating it with and what are the physics involved?

Pradeep Gnanaprakasam June 16, 2006 15:30

Re: Modeling die coating
Thanks for the reply Ben.

It is a slot die coating process, for some details you could refer the following link.


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